a.where is your heart?

from sister Maria

Where do you come from?

How much do you know about Eternity?

You were a thought

When there was no world:

HE knew you and HE carried you in HIM.

He brought you into the  world of pain

that you will know HE is the Consolation…

What is the earth?

What mistery is  whispering the wind in the garden?

Wonderful testimonies:

to see the heavens mirror in all around the earth.

They all proclaim The One Who is to come

How pleasant all invite you towards  HIM…

How will you go?

Where will you go and stay?

What will be your share?

The Earth is setting down

and cooling.

Only the Holy Spirit is still gently guiding …

When you will leave,

you will arrive there:

Where your heart and longing were!

You will see HIM,

waiting for you on the gate.

Only then will begin your fate…


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