by corina cabaY967_nettuno

lift up your eyes to heaven

remember you are HUMAN:

your source is not earthling

and your name is not on earth.

your origin does not belong

to this perennial earth

the name you carry here is one destined

to be forgotten,

an eternal name awaits for you,

a name destined to never be forgotten

yes, your origin is from another world,

from God Himself  your soul is sprang.

I live on earth, but I am a stranger here,

my longings can not be satisfied herein,

my home is from a world above,

my destination is not on this earth…


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  1. Corina, that is BEAUTIFUL!!! You are such a good writer. Thank you so much for taking the time to work on this blog! My mom and I really enjoy it.
    Praying for you and the little boy Alin and all that you do!!
    Greetings to Ramona 🙂 And all your family.

  2. […] appropriate to Alin’s home-going. You can read Corina’s poem “Traveler” here. […]

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