e. the meaning of suffering or an answer for an atheist

Why there is so much suffering on earth?

Why there are children and innocent people suffering and dying too young?

Why does pain, affliction and unmerciful death touch  not only those we    like to say „they deserve it!”, but many times the innocent and the best of man? Why is it like that many times the wretched ones have fun all life long and the good ones are sufering?

When a wretched one is hit by an affliction, people love to say ” he deserves it!”  or  ” see how God had judged him?” or „finally justice was done!” (How fast are we to judge others and how indulgent when we have to judge ourselves! When we sin, there is always an excuse!)

Yes, sometimes  the man has the reward for good and bad on earth, sometimes he or she is judged here for some things, for his or her good and for the others around to see and understand, if they want, of course. But not always.The truth is that many wretched are enjoying life and many innocent are suffering. But let’s not forget something: all die at the end. None can avoid death.

But, if there is an Almighty and Good God , why is He allowing all these unjust things to happen? why is this world so imperfect ?

I have to add this: The majority of sufferings and pain and unjustice is caused by man. The madness, the evil mind, the greed,the perverted mind, the moral degradation in which most people  indulge less or more, these are the causes for most sufferings. For instance the AIDS came up in Africa as a result of sex orgies with monkeys conducted by the tribe’s wizards  (monkeys are carers of AIDS, but they are not affected by it; for people it is fatal) . In Afrika now one of three people have AIDS. From Afrika it was spread in Europa  and all over the world by those promoting promiscuity and moral libertinism.

But now there are many innocents suffering because of  this virus..

Cancer, the plague of our century: researches show more and more the cause of this plague: chemically and genetically modified food ( if this was meant to help starving countries why do you find them in the rich countries, and the starving ones are still starving?); pollution and radiation; etc. And these are all „human made„…

Starvation is caused by human uncontrolled greed. There is enough food on this planet to feed everybody, but some seem to have bulimia…

Wars (the cause for great sufferings among many innocents) are obviously  „human made„, as a result of greed and thirst for power and control.

It is clear: few  wretched people cause the pains and many innocents are suffering it. This is not new, it is happening since man choose the wrong side. And I can’t help not to add something here: I wonder how many of the innocents, if in the position of these „mighty, wretched ones” would not be as wretched as them? I have a fear that most of the now suffering innocents if put in the shoes of the wretched ones would not be innocent anymore, but as wretched as the others…

So, the vast majority of pain and suffering is caused by man. Tudor Chirila wrote a song about it „God is not on the news” (not that I agree with all the song says!)

But WHY does the Allmighty and Merciful God allows the innocents to suffer ? Why doesn’t He punish with pain those who deserve it, as a lesson to all?

If this question is just a rhetorical question meaning: It can not be an Allmighty and Merciful God because the innocents are suffering pains; then, from this perspective, this is the answer. Because one can not honestly try to find an answer to this question only if  he takes in consideration all the perspectives. If we live just here and now, if there is no God, no life after death, then yes, it is true : the sufferings and pains of the innocents has no meaning at all. And then the statement „there is pain for the innocents = there is no God” is a boomerang for those using it as an argument for atheism. Why? Because it is clear that everything in this world has a meaning and a purpose. What is the meaning and purpose of the innocents suffering and if it serves the evolution, why are we so angry about it, why don’t we find it normal and useful, why we do not like it,  if there is no God?

But if there is a God, the suffering and pain of the innocents  has a meaning and a purpose. Not usually from the human perspective. From human perspective it is hard to understand, sometimes impossible.  As for a baby it is hard , if not impossible to understands why my loving and allmighty mother allows that cruel nurse (this is his perspective) to put a sharp and painful needle in him. But the mother perspective is different. She knows the pain will pass and it is small comparing with the long and healthy life that comes after it. The baby needs to learn to trust his mother, as a part of love. God’s love and knowledge is far, far greater than our poor and limited human understanding. If we try to see from the perspective that this life here is like a tiny knot on an eternal thread, then suffering has a different meaning. If somebody innocent (and this is very relative!) is suffering pains, this short here and now pain can serve good and long purposes. Like the chick while inside the egg could say:  why these horrible claws that has no use only stings me or why these heavy, useless wings? (there is a nice poem about this by C. Ioanid)… All created things around us teach us something if we make time to see, to listen and learn…

Isaiah chapter 28, verses 28, 29: „The bread corn is bruised; because he will not ever be threshing it, nor break it with the wheel of his cart, nor bruised it forever with his horseman. This also comes forth from the Lord, which is Wonderful in counsel, and Excellent in working.”

If we would know the origin of evil and the meaning of sufferings, we would  need no faith, no trust„. Kendall in „Total forgiveness”. And faith, total trust is an essential component of Love, and Love must be very important to learn here and now for the after life, if we pay attention to God’s teachings, to God’s Son, and the way He made us.

Hebrew chapter 11 verses 1, 6 : „Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Without faith it is impossible to please Him.”

God allows the evil one for a while (for a short while from His perspective). We do not know why. One reason could be this: because He has chosen to give the freedom of choice to man. This is hard to understand sometimes from my human perspective. But I choose to trust in Him. I choose to see in Him the evidence for the good that I see not now and here. I choose to trust His providence, His power, that He can turn any bad thing to work for the good of me. (see Joszeph story from the bible). It does not mean that God is indulgent with evil. He said He hates evil and sin, He is just, He will never change and call evil as good or good as evil. One day He will judge every good and every evil. None is unnoticed by Him.

The  pain transforms  the person who is suffering. Some may become monsters inside, but some can turn into unimaginable beautys inside. Because each has to choose what atitude to have towards the suffering. I met somebody so angry and full of hatred and curses because he was suffering and asking God: did You asked me if I want to suffer? and he got stucked in the WHY? stage, because he did not want to go further.  But who do you think you are to ask God why? Man is  nothing, not existing if God would not have called him into existence. God does not owe us nothing at all. But we owe everything to Him. An atheist and a rebel against God is a person who forgot who he/she  is; forgot his/her place. and believes he or she is something by himself/herself…But after God takes back the life He put in him or her, everyone can see what he or she was: nothing…

But what a beauty pain created in some! Like Joni Earickson Tada. In „Total forgiveness” Kendall says: ” If you have a real, genuine and relentless foe, not a figment of your mind and anxiety [ and I add here: a real, genuine and relentless pain], you should see yourself as sitting on a gold mine…if you deal with it the way God wants you to deal with it, that could be the best thing that happened to you! The greatest the pain, the greatest the reward and blessing that comes with it!”

God did not intended programmed robots when He made us! He wanted sons and daughters in His likeness! The plan He has for us is good, it is great and awsome! The future He prepared for us is as for His heirs. But man is free to choose his or her destiny. And by his or her choice he or she can make God’s great Plan for him /her be in vain… How terrible in the day of judgement for that one! What a huge regret, but too late!

But now it is not too late. What can one do to be God’s child, to be part of His great Plan? This is what I read in the Bible: I have to wish more than anything for this, every hour of my life! Jesus said in Matthew chapter 11, verse 12: „the kingdom of  heaven suffered violence [only the violent resolute would press into it], and the violent take it by force.” It does not mean that someone has to be violent with others to get it, because there is plenty for everybody, but it means one have to want it so badly, so violently that nothing can stand between him/her and the kingdom. so , if you never had this strong desire in your heart, or if you had it once but not anymore, if this desire is not getting stronger every day in you, than you should analyze yourself if you are on the right way and start to „fear the Lord”, because this is the beggining of wisdom…


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  1. I highly enjoyed reading this post, keep up posting such interesting posts!

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