strangers here or we are aliens

Stranger here or we are the aliens

By Corina Caba

roadWhen people face hardship, they are usually calling the name of God. This is very good, because He said : “call Me in the day of your trouble, and I will deliver you and you will glorify Me”. (well, most people do call him, but few glorify Him…see the 10 lepers healed by Jesus, only one came back to thank Him)

But who am I to call God?

He is the Creator of all seen and unseen things. He is the One who brought into existence this dimension, this world in which we are born and we move around, where we live our fleeting earthly life. And He created as boundaries of this world the time, the space and the matter. Here and now – that’s all about living on earth, where everything is perennial, nothing is real for more than the present moment. The man is like grass on the fields. In the morning it germinates, at noon it blooms, and in the evening it fades away and dies.

God has brought me into existence from nothing, and there is no good that He could do unto me and He didn’t do it  ( from the perspective of God, of  course, because it happens often that my opinion is different from His; but He is always right!) And  if He would have done no good unto me, He would still be worthy of all my praise and worship! But His heart is a Father’s heart. He called us into existence and more than this, He gave us life from His Life. He is the Source of  life and the Sustainer of life, our life is in His hands. But from all His creations, only to man He gave breath from His breath, life from His Life, and that’s why the soul of man does not die as his earthly  body dies, as all earthly living creators die here. But here, the man is deciding his eternity.

And there are only 2 kinds of eternities: 1. eternity with God (and because He revealed Himself in creation, in His Word and in His Son, we can  gather how much beauty, how much wisdom, how much love, how awesome must be in His holy presence!) How infinite honour He is giving us when He invites us to spend eternity with Him! And man can be sure he can not enter in God’s presence anyhow!he has to decide and prepare here for this. Who wants to know how, read the bible.

2.eternity without God, which is a huge nothing, without meaning, a complete and cold darkness. Brrrr! I do not want it! Even here for a moment this is hard to endure, but forever???Bald_Eagle_and_Snowy_Pines-1280x102

And my soul, who has the source  in Him, is singing in me the longing  for the One who is its home, the longing for freedom.

The strong desire to defeat the limits imposed by the matter, by  my weak body, by the tight space , by the too short time , it struggles in me like a eagle in a cage.

And still the whole wisdom and the whole intelligence of all people with all genii who lived here from all times in history, who are living now all gathered together are like a drop of rain compared with the infinite ocean of God’s wisdom. “In our tight circle” as Eminescu said in one of his poems, we are all subjects of the laws that governs our world limited by the the space, time and matter. Who from this world, from the history of this world ever defeated these laws and the limits of our world? No, in this context there are no outlaws (and how we love the outlaws!) . Nobody ever could dodge the death, and those who are living now are going toward it, wanting or not wanting…

And the rest of living creation : plants and animals are living  with joy this cycle of life and death, this cycle that condemns them to perenniality, because they belong to this world, here is the meaning of their ephemeral life.

Why only man from all living on earth was never satisfied with this? Why only man, from old, old times is asking “Why am I here? Where I come from? Where I go?” Why only man has always dreamed and longed for everlasting life? If they did not found the truth, they invented a religion, because the urge of this desire was and is so strong in man.

Where this longing to defeat death, to live forever comes from? Where  this longing for eternity comes from in a world where everything fades and dies, where the only constant is ephemerity?

Because only man does not belong entirely to this world, the man is just a traveler here, and carries in him the longing for the other world , where his soul belongs to; and the desire for freedom,  the desire to escape from the tight circle of this limited world; the desire to defeat the limits, the matter, the space and the time, to defeat death. But the man is just passing by this world. His short life on earth is like a tiny knot on an infinite thread. But this tiny knot is giving the direction of the whole thread, because here the man is deciding his eternal destiny. Actually, here this is all that really matters.

And while living on earth, every day, every hour, every moment, with every breath given to him, man decides something.

Few realize that every moment can be the last one here, where they still can by grace choose their eternal destiny.2110923099_bd18f16ec3_m


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  1. I don’t know If I said it already but …Great site…keep up the good work. 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..


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