d. about love

What is the meaning of love?

What „love your neighbour ” means?

The closest neighbour is your family. Your spouse, your children. Here is where the love starts, where it is most intent, where it feeds and grows. If one does not have love here, can’t have anywhere on earth.

Unfortunatelly, in our present time, very few know what love means. People are intoxicated with bad , stupid movies, songs, lines and examples. Who are the standards of our time? Cinema stars, singers or sportsman whose life examples don’t displease almost anybody now , don’t make people sick, because people got used with more bad stuff than good stuff . Like one who likes spoil food, because this is what he got all the time and got used with it.

But I can’t help not to became a bit melancholic…Where are those old, good times when, even if life was hard, still the standards were those heroes made known in songs of courage? Heroes who defended virtues  (what? virtues? wake up, girl! where do you think you are???) like: truth, honesty, goodness, kindness, courage, etc. Heroes who would better die than break a promise. A given word had the true value of a true man (or true woman). No more melancholy! Girl, come back in our time, where one is considered a man (or woman) if knows how to fool as many as possible and get what he or she wants as easiest and fastest possible. I always get  the coming back sickness…

First it is the charm of falling in love : the first step in love. Where emotions are important, warm feelings and bright, sweet  dreams, ups and downs , the waiting, the falls and arise of hopes, all these give colours to life. But this is just a part of love, which taken alone is not complete. It is the spark that can start the fire, or multiplys through the fire, again and again. But it is not the fire. Just a part of it, an attractive and pleasant part of it, but only fire can bring warmth and light. And the fire , if you work and persevere on keeping it can produce more sparks from while to while, along with the warmth and light…Proverbs chapter 5 , verse 18, 19 : „Rejoice with the wife of your youth,…be always ravished with her love.”

But now there are in fashion all sort of cheap imitations of love. Something that looks like love; the falling in love and the emotional part is overly  swollen  and separated from love, losing all its value. This comercial „love” that sells so well looks good like most cheap merchandise, doesn’t cost you much (almost nothing!) . It can fall on your head like a lightning (can’t help it! against your will! no use to fight it!). Nicely wrapped lies in shiny paper that can never replace the real thing or bring with it what real love brings. They will bring frustration, disappoinment and bitterness. But many people love to buy the cheap stuff that does not cost them much. Why pay the price? why give from yourself? why work hard? why sacrifice? If  „love” fades and dies, why not get free from all these ? Promise? that’s just a word : no value today, only fools keep their word when it is hard and costing to do it. There are plenty of other shiny  promises of happiness at every corner! And people are chasing them like Ulysses’s sailors were chasing the mermaid’s songs, who lure them into the dark, deep gaps to feed on them.

When they unwrap the shiny paper and see how hollow and bitter is the content, even then, many do not wake up, and say: it’s ok, maybe next time, I’ll be luckier.They are ready for the next lie and they crawl further, with empty souls and unhealed wounds to other lies and disappointments…


One of the answers I found on crestintotal.ro:

Love is not a natural tendency.

Naturally grow only the weeds.

Love needs to be nurtured and cared.

Because people do not give and invest in it, they become poor, empty and blind.

Love is not only emotion and colour.

Love is also effort and discipline.

And people avoid responsability and efforts. They expect love to increase spontaneouslly. Or they thinck love owes to stay, just because they go regularly to a church.

But love needs to be nurtured daily and cared for.

Love looks for the souls. by Florin Ianovici

I liked the answer.If you want your marriage be like a beautiful, peacefull garden , you have to work at it: You have to pull out the weeds and the thorns, nurture the love, take care of it, guard it, invest in it, work and shape it the way you want it to be, and so you will have it…And a very important thing: never ever give up on love. This will strengthen the soul, will enrich and ennoble the heart…

Ephesians chapter 5, verse 25 „ Man, love your wife as Christ have loved the church”

I have an answer, too:

Love is like fire.

Love, like fire, needs to be nurtured daily, needs work and guarding daily.

Love, like fire, has much power, beauty, warmth and light in it.

With love, like with fire, one should not play. It can be very dangerous.

Love can look  like a desease. It make one to behave against most instincts,  against old self, it changes a person. The true love has symptomes:

„Love is long suffering,

and is kind;

love does not envy,

love does not boast itself,

is not puffed up.

Love does not behave itself disrespectful,

does not seek her own,

is not easily provoked.

Love thinks no evil,

rejoice not in iniquity,

but rejoice in the truth;

Love bears all things,

believes all things,

hopes all things

and endures all things.”

1 Corinthians chapter 13, verses 4, 5, 6, 7.

If this is love, I am afraid it is rarer  than water in the desert!

Still, I am sure it did not disappear!

More, I know that Love will never cease, Love will never fail!

Love is what is essential to learn while we live here on earth. 1 Corinthians chapter 13, verses 1, 2, 8 :

Though I may speak with the tongues of man and of angels, and I have no love, I am like a sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal. Though I may have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I may have all faith so that I can move  mountains and I have no love, I am nothing.”

Most things will pass away, but love will not. Love is what one takes when leaves this world. Love is on the other side, too. In fact only there love is at home, only  there love is normality, not like a desease...


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